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The Function Of The Sneakers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Control Action Class

Suitable for moderate to severe varus feet, as well as people with high weight, it can improve the runner's heel and running movement control, and can support the foot arch position. Its external characteristic is the foot arch area is thickened, the shoe weight is medium-weighted.

Damping and Cushion type

A runner that is good for running techniques, landing with the forefoot or middle of the foot, and supporting the outside with the soles of the feet. The shoes are of medium weight and the soles are thicker.

Stability class

Suitable for mild to moderate Varus type, with the middle of the foot and lateral support runners. The self weight of the shoe is medium.

Competition Class

A runner who is good at running, has a lighter weight, or has a mild foot varus. The weight of the shoe is lighter.

Off-Road class

The soles are thicker and have deep grooves, which are suitable for running on natural ground such as land and forest. The weight of the shoes is heavier.

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