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The Difference Between Sneakers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

One, the football shoes are better identified, the general football shoes appear dexterous many, the shoe body is relatively thin, the comparison fits. The more prominent characteristic is that the sole has the mould shoe nail and the convertible shoe nail, adapts the football field, may provide the good grip ability, the shoe head and the upper car line is obvious, may prevent the distortion and the durability.

The versatile sneakers are suitable for people who like multiple sports and practice only a few times a week. Divided into two types: training and speed. The training type shoe head is slightly upturned, has turns over the glue, the upper uses the nylon mesh cloth, the speed type and the running shoe is similar.

Third, aerobic sports shoes generally for the high help, relatively lightweight. The soles are not deep, suitable for the movement on the carpet, the soles of the deep or multi-directional, suitable for the movement on the wood floor.

Skateboard shoes are also called "Casual Shoes". The shoe is lighter, the glue bottom emphasizes the grip performance, can grasp the skateboard better.

Hiking shoes when hiking in the wild, often treading sand and on uneven ground walking, and sometimes need to walk through the mountain stream. Hikers shoulder heavier backpack, prone to sprain and slip, so hiking shoes generally more for the middle help, the soles have a pimple, emphasizing grip performance.

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