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The Characteristics Of Sports Shoes
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Line aspect

The characteristics of the sports shoes are: The lines are complex and diverse. There is single line, two lines, false line, open-wire, dotted line, contour, ridge line, suture, decorative lines, can be used at the same time in a pair of shoes, not rigidly adhere to one. Mostly arc, the line proportion is less.


The color of the sneakers is determined by the light reflected by the materials in which they are used. The use of color matching sports shoes design style, fashion design trends, but also to make the movement of the visibility, entertainment greatly improved, while reflecting the movement itself lively, dynamic and lively characteristics.

Decoration aspects

Sports shoes in the decoration, patterns, characters, logos, metal and plastic parts can be used as decorative materials, decorative parts are more free, decorative effect is more eye-catching, decorative more dynamic, stylish, colorful features, decorative parts towards the aesthetic and functional integration direction.

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