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Sports Shoe Last
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Compared with the last of the shoe, the two have great difference in the shape change. In order to facilitate the movement of the foot, the movement of the last of the last is smaller, the bottom of the heart concave change is also small, so that the last degree of the curve change relatively flat. In order to improve the capacity of the foot, the sports shoe last has a large genetic circumference, which makes the last type plump, and the angle between the last body and the back center is larger. The last heel of the athletic shoe is straight in the curved curve, the last end of the waist fossa is straight. As a whole, the change of the last of the sports shoe is focused on the forefoot and the anterior tip. From the last shape look, there are mainly pointed, round head, Fang type and square heads four.

(1) Round Head is mostly used for running training shoes, tennis training shoes, football shoes, the last type design.

(2) The square head is generally used in the last-type design of the shoe for the bicycle match, which belongs to the more typical special sports shoe last.

(3) Fangyuan Head is generally used for ball sports shoes, such as basketball shoes. Because the front tip in the landing when the force, stability requirements, Fangyuan head sports shoe Last is one of the most used in sports shoes.

(4) The pointed type is generally used in the special track and field match shoe's last type design, is not suitable in the movement high ground.

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