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Slippery Surface Leather For Sneakers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

1. First with a clean soft cloth (preferably white) with a small amount of leather footwear detergent leather Shoes Cleaner, on the uppers Light force wipe, remove dirt.

2. Use another clean soft cloth to the right amount of "leather care ointment" evenly coated on the uppers (just a thin coating, not too much weight, or can be used cloth will be excessive ointment step), and then the leather polished.

3. If the dirt product is stubborn (such as oil product), you can wet the contaminated parts first (not all sneakers), then use "Leather footwear detergent leather Shoes shampoo" and soft brush to remove dirt, and then cloth or thick paper towel printing dry, stable shoes after natural air-dry, to avoid direct sunlight exposure. Use Step 2 again. Nursing Upper Leather.

Note: If not necessary, try to avoid using step 3. Or use water to clean natural leather sneakers because it affects the cortex, so you should take a simple cleanup step before the situation becomes bad (step 1). and 2.).

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