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Insole Cleaning
- Jan 02, 2018 -

1. Cleaning insoles should be avoided as far as possible. If there is a peculiar odor, the insole can be removed and placed in the air drying, or even the use of footwear deodorant to remove odor.

2. If the situation is bad, can be placed under the faucet under the tap rinse and brush with soft hair brushes, do not use any detergent, otherwise the surface layer of cloth may fall off.

3. Place in the air circulation place air-dry, do not use the hot air machine or the dry hair use the hair dryer to force the insole to blow dry, otherwise the insole may be variant.

4. Already a little yellow with a little vinegar rub, pay attention not to rub shoes on the leather or fabric. Also available on the market bleach (careful use), there is a little yellow is normal, there may be shoe gum, the first time to brush shoes after the release of toilet paper to dry

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