Mens Funky and Novelty Slippers Black Washable Inside Outside Sandals

Clearwater is a low profile hybrid sandal with CNX technology. It provides comfort and stability with every step.
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Mens funky and novelty slippers black washable inside outside slippers

1. Products Introduction of the inside outside slippers for men

Intense overland missions require both speed and hiking performance. Add in stream crossings, and you need this water-ready, agile hiking shoe. Its open designed, water-shedding upper hugs your foot to an aggressive, responsive trail platform made to flex naturally and connect to terrain, while protecting underfoot. Features include a Lycra® neoprene stretch collar for easy on and off, M Select™ FRESH antimicrobial agents to reduce shoe odor, and a midsole that connect you to the trail and protects you from the terrain.

2. Products Specification

Place of Original

Jinjiang City, China (Mainland)






Slip on

Art Number





Round toe




1,000 pairs for each color, 3 colors per style


Upper: Nubuck leather
Insole: Memory Foam
Outsole: Rubber

Toe Type

Round Toe

Size Range

40-46 (EU SIZE)


Color box, 10 pairs per carton


Autumn and Winter



3. Products Feature and Application

4. Products Package

Following your requirement, common packing detail are as below

5. Production, Shipment and Delivery

6. Our Service

Maximum reply time: 24 hours

7. Factory Profile

Quanzhou Body-fits Co.,Ltd Products includes the following:

Men shoes

Men sport shoes/ Mens running shoes/ Mens casual shoes/ Mens canavs shoes/ Mens slippers/ Mens flip flops

Women shoes

Women sport shoes/ Women running shoes/ Women casual shoes/ Women canavs shoes/ Women slippers/ Women flip flops/Ladies high heels

Kids shoes

Kids sport shoes/ Kids running shoes/ Kids casual shoes/ Kids canavs shoes/ Kids slippers/ Kids flip flops/ Girls ballerinas

8. FAQ

Q1:Do you accept OEM or ODM service?

Yes. We welcome OEM and ODM service, also supply customized shoes according to customer's drawing.

Q2: How about your company's quality control?

We have a professional QA & QC team and will fully track the orders from the very beginning to the very end, such as checking the material, supervising the production, spot-checking the finished goods, inspect the packing, etc.

We also accept a third-party company designated by you to fully check your orders, such as SGS.

Q3: What is the leading time if I place the order?  

1 to 3 days for items in stock;

7 to 10 days for sampling after details confirmed;

30 to 60 days for mass production, it depends on different styles and the total quantity.

9. Variants of the mens slippers and sandals

Among the many kinds of sandals are:

● Caligae, a heavy-soled classical Roman military shoe or sandal for marching, worn by all ranks up to and including centurion

● Clog can be formed as a heavy sandal, having a thick, typically wooden sole.

● Crochet sandals[5]

● Fisherman sandal is a type of T-bar sandal originally for men and boys. The toes are enclosed by a number of leather bands interwoven with the central length-wise strap that lies along the instep. An adjustable cross strap or bar is fastened with a buckle. The heel may be fully enclosed or secured by a single strap joined to the cross strap. The style appears to have originated in France.

● Flip-flops are typically cheap and suitable for beach, pool, or locker room wear

● geta, a classical Japanese form of elevated thong, traditionally of cryptomeria wood; the crosspiece is referred to as a ha, which translates to tooth

● Grecian sandal, sandals from Greece and Salento (Italy), a (generally flat or low) sole attached to the foot by interlaced straps crossing the toes and instep, and fastening around the ankle. A similar style is sometimes called gladiator sandal

● High-heeled sandal, a type of sandal with an elevated heel. They allow the wearer to have an open shoe while being less casual or more formal, depending on the style of the sandal.

● Hiking and trekking sandals are designed for hiking or trekking in hot and tropical climates, usually using robust rubber outsole, suitable for any terrain, and softer EVA or Super EVA foam insole. These sandals are usually shaped to support the arched contour of the foot. The straps are usually made of polyester or nylon webbing for quick drying after exposure to acid and to minimize perspiration.[6] Also suitable for many other adventure sports and activities where quick drying and reduced perspiration is required, including rafting, traveling, paragliding, skydiving.

● Ho Chi Minh sandals is one name for a homemade or cottage industry footwear, the soles cut from an old automobile tire and the straps cut from an inner tube. Made and worn in many countries, they became wider known in the US as worn by the rural people of Indochina during the Vietnam War, leading to the name.

● huaraches, a flat sandal originally made from recycled rubber used by minimalist runners.

● Jelly sandals or jelly shoes were originally a version of the classic fisherman sandal made in PVC plastic. They were invented in 1946 by Frenchman Jean Dauphant in response to a post-war leather shortage. Later designs featured translucent soft plastic in bright colours; hence the later name of jelly sandals or jellies. Recently, a whole range of styles have been produced in this material, mainly for women and girls, but the classic unisex design remains popular.

● Jesuslatschen[7]

● Jipsin, a traditional Korean sandal made of straw

● Paduka are the ancient (as old as the time of the Ramayana) Indian toe-knob sandals. They are not really worn on a daily basis now except by monks or for ceremonial purposes.[8]

● Patten, a type of oversized clog often with a wooden sole or metal device to elevate the foot and increase the wearer's height or aid in walking in mud

● Roman sandal, a sandal held to the foot by a vamp composed of a series of equally spaced, buckled straps

● Saltwater sandals, a flat sandal developed in the 1940s as a way of coping with wartime leather shortages, primarily worn by children

● Soft foam sandals, invented in 1973, are made from closed-cell soft foam and uses surgical tubing for the straps. They are sold primarily along the Texas Gulf Coast in beach side gift shops.

● T-bar sandals, primarily for children, with an enclosed heel and toe. It is fastened by a cross-wise strap or bar secured by a buckle or more recently, by Velcro. A length-wise strap extends from the vamp and joins the cross-strap over the arch of the foot to form a T shape. A common variant has two cross-straps. The toe is often pierced with a pattern of holes or slots. The sole is low-heeled and usually of crepe rubber, stitched-down to the upper. First seen in Europe and America in the early 12th century, by the 1250s they were very common for boys and girls up to their teens, but are now mainly worn by much younger children.[9] This style or similar styles are also called 'Mary Jane' shoes.

● Waraji, Japanese straw sandals common in the Edo Period

● Wörishofer, a ladies' sandal with a cork wedge heel

● zōri, a flat and thonged Japanese sandal, usually made of straw, cloth, leather, or rubber

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