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What is children's shoes?
- Jul 01, 2018 -

What is children's shoes?

The shoes worn by children aged 0-12 years were proposed by Prof. Bow Taisheng of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

Children's shoes are specially designed for people of this age group. According to the growth characteristics of the children's feet in this age group, shoes designed for them are mainly designed, including baby shoes, starting shoes, toddler shoes and steady shoes, and children's shoes. Lightweight. Breathable, comfortable, suitable for healthy foot growth and other characteristics. Children's shoes not only have high performance requirements (such as: stable calcaneus, protection of ankles, strong wear resistance, anti-slip, but also to ensure higher comfort), but also in color matching, environmentally friendly materials The application of the child's foot type study up and down.

(1) Adaptation age

Age: 0-4 years old

Code segment: 22--28#

Feet length: 50mm--175mm

(2) Material characteristics

Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic chemical substances, non-heavy metal tanned leather, environmentally friendly PU, natural cotton mesh, etc., must be breathable, bacteriostatic, environmentally friendly, non-fading, soft, easy to clean and so on.

(3) Color characteristics

Children in a steady period of time have a strong curiosity about all the new things in nature. They are good at imitating and used for exploration. Especially the sensitivity to color is unmatched by adults. Therefore, the choice of color for children's shoes is very elegant. . Common colors such as: red, pink, pink, dark blue, brown, apricot, brown, khaki, etc.; with a soft childlike mix, the shoes are more rhythmic and sporty.

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