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The sole material of slippers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

TPR Bottom

This bottom is the most common, TPR bottom of the process is divided into, tpr soft bottom, TPR hard, TPR side seam, there are many friends said rubber bottom, tendon bottom, blow plastic bottom, the glue bottom can be classified as this category.

TPR the advantages of the bottom is, soft, waterproof, with a certain wear resistance, touch is usually familiar with the rubber feel, there is a kind of TPR on the basis of pressure into the cloth, increased the durability of TPR.

Eva Bottom

This bottom a lot of people will feel strange, in fact, often go on business trip and love to watch Korean dramas are not unfamiliar, hotel tow is basically done with this bottom. A lot of family wear slippers in Korean dramas is also this kind of bottom.

Point plastic cloth Bottom

Dot plastic cloth in China is not very popular, because many people feel inconvenient, do not feel waterproof. In fact, in foreign countries, such a bottom is also very common, especially the Americans like most. Most used in animal shoes, Japan and Korea also like to wear this bottom, because the bottom non-slip is very good, because its mute effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, lightweight, non-slip.

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