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The original origin of slippers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

The original slippers, many wooden, wooden slippers are also known as "clogs", "scuffed" or "Gua board son". "Gung Board son" is generally made of hard wood, with a canvas belt, leather belt or plastic belt to make a loop. The sound of "gung-da" will be made when walking. With the development of the times, coupled with the wearing is not very comfortable, so the family in the urban area of such clogs have not seen. According to Oriental Shuo, "The word" contains: "The spring and Autumn period of the push to escape from the hidden, holding the tree and death, Wen Pan fu wood lament, hence thought clog." "It can be seen that the" slippers "originally contained in the history books have nothing to do with leisure, just out of mourning for the deceased.

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