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Special Slippers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Golden Slippers

The 21 dynasty was the "late Dynasty period" of Ancient Egypt, during which the art activity of ancient Egypt was very few, but the metal craft of this period made quite achievements. "Golden Slippers" is one of the outstanding representatives. It is made of pure gold, 23.5 centimeters long, design novel, quite modern sense, the production of sophisticated techniques, appears thin and lovely. In its sole also engraved with a circular pattern, so that the more exquisite chic, but also for this grim metal crafts injected a hint of warmth, it is the 20 Dynasty gold craft Boutique.

Lighting Slippers

American inventor Doug Vick invented a "lighting slipper". It can in the dark environment automatically illuminate the road ahead 6 meters to 7 meters of space, eliminating the frequent bathroom people in the dark nervously groping forward trouble. The new Slipper has a small bulb on its front end, when the built-in sensor "detect" to the dark environment or someone put on it will automatically light the light bulb to illuminate the front, "smart" sensors plus non-slip soles, can be replaced by lithium batteries and delayed lights and other intimate design, this price of about 40 dollars of "lighting slippers" The use of simple principles to solve the need to frequently get up in the dark of the patient or night watchman's troubles, is very popular with consumers.

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