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Five doubts about choosing children's shoes
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Five doubts about choosing children's shoes

Question one: The softer the upper and the upper, the better?

The soft side can't support the baby's feet. It is easy to hurt the toes and develops a bad walking posture.

Question 2: The greater the curvature of the soles, the better?

One-half of the shoe bends and can damage the delicate arch. The scientific part should be located in one third of the shoe.

Question 3: Platform shoes comfortable shockproof

The thick soles of the soles are prone to fatigue, which may cause deformation of the spine in the long term and affect the development of the brain, heart and abdominal cavity.

Question 4: Are shoes with bow-shaped insoles comfortable?

The cushions in the soles of the feet do not play a role in health care. In the long term, the baby will become flat feet.

Question 5: The heavier the quality of shoes is, the better?

Heavy shoes are not conducive to the balance of the baby's body and increase the burden on the foot to affect the development of legs and feet.

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