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Eight characteristics of children's shoes
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Eight characteristics of children's shoes

(1) Breathable, sterilizing - movable functional insole, antibacterial, breathable, easy to clean;

(2) protect the toe, non-slip - toe design to strengthen the protection of the baby's toes, outsole light, non-slip, enhance the grip of the big end, enhance the baby's balance when standing;

(3) Health - imported non-toxic materials, natural cotton mesh cloth, no toxic chemical substances, no odor, and environmental protection;

(4) easy to walk - to prevent heel valgus, varus, conducive to develop the baby's correct walking posture, reduce fatigue;

(5) Lightweight - Large-fronted forefoot physiological arc design to assist baby to start;

(6) Safety--environmental safety, the inner tube is reinforced with the heel design, the ankle joint is stabilized, and the baby's ankle is not sprained;

(7) Correction--conform to the children's foot shape, corrective deformation of children's foot type, and ensure the health of the baby's foot;

(8) Anti-skid, shock absorption---protecting the baby is not easy to fall, the 3D curve shaping function insole supports the arch, buffers the pressure of the baby in running, jumping, and prevents the brain from oscillating.

(9) Soft---Excellent breathability; natural rubber on the outsole, moderate hardness, natural comfort and strong wear resistance. Combined with the functional bending groove design adopted by ergonomics, it fits the walking gait and effectively protects the foot.

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