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Classification of slippers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Antistatic Slippers

Anti-static slippers/sandals using electrostatic dissipation materials PU (polyurethane) production soles. Introduction of kinematics and physiology based on the had system, the shoe body light soft, comfortable breathable, long wear not easy fatigue. Suitable for the use of electrostatic sensitive areas, use range: dust-free production workshop. Semiconductor manufacturing, electronic picture tube manufacturing and so on.

Flip-flops for human character

Flip-flops, referred to as human word drag.

The word drag (flip-flops) is also called "Toe slipper". Listen to the pronunciation of the word, that kick tap rhythm has been a kind of casual and comfortable. Businessmen say "human word drag" will make the ankle, calf and thigh become well-proportioned, will have a wonderful role in leg bodybuilding; The doctor said, wear "human word drag" harmful to health, can cause joint pain, ankle sprain and so on a series of foot problems. Although the controversy is in, but the verdict is not, so, the representative of fashion, freedom, lively and happy "human word drag" is still the young people's favorite.

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