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Basic knowledge of the nine sports shoes!
- Feb 14, 2019 -

When it comes to sports shoes, everyone is familiar with them, but how many types of sports shoes do you know? Below, take a look at the classification of sports shoes with Longfeng Mall Xiaobian!

 First, basketball shoes

The sole is usually made of water ripples or herringbone patterns. The upper is made of thin leather. The upper part is made of medium and high-top shape to protect the ankle and prevent injury. The impact force of a basketball player in bounce is equivalent to ten times the weight of the athlete; when the side is sliding, the impact on the foot is equivalent to 2-3 times the weight of the athlete. Therefore, basketball shoes should have strong shock absorbing force, and the outer sole of the shoe is made of materials such as rubber and eva materials.

Second, tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are generally rough water ripples. Because tennis courts are mostly hard grounds, the ground is rougher than basketball courts, so the wearable sole is very important, mostly rubber sole. The upper design is mostly short, but also has a rubber overturn, and the forefoot is wider. The heel bottom of the tennis shoes generally has a small inclination inward. Because it often retreats, the heel of the shoe is cut into a little, and the center of gravity can be adjusted to keep the body stable. The middle of the sole has a bridging design to enhance side stability, avoid sprains, and protect the ankle.

Third, running shoes

The shape of the toe and heel are a little bit warped, like a boat. The forefoot is large and has plenty of room for the toes to stretch. The toe has a rubberized rubber, and the shock is equivalent to 2-3 times the weight when running. Therefore, the midsole of the running shoe is mostly made of high density and thick shock absorption design. In addition, people will produce a lot of sweat during strenuous exercise, and the soles of the feet are the parts with the most sweat accumulation. Therefore, the ventilation and ventilation of running shoes is very important. The upper materials are mostly made of nylon mesh to increase the breathability.

Fourth, football shoes

Football shoes are better to identify, the general football shoes look a lot of dexterity, the shoes are relatively thin, more fit. The more prominent feature is that the sole has die-cast studs and convertible studs, which can adapt to the football field and provide good grip ability. The toe and upper line are obvious, which can prevent deformation and durability.

Five, all-around sports shoes

Suitable for people who like a variety of sports and practice only a few times a week. There are two types: training type and speed type. The training-type toe cap is slightly upturned, with a turn-over glue, and the upper is mostly made of nylon mesh; the speed type is similar to the running shoes.

Six, aerobics shoes

Generally high, it is relatively light. The soles are not deep, suitable for movement on the carpet; the soles are deeper or more versatile and suitable for movement on wooden floors.

Seven, skate shoes

Some people call it casual shoes. The shoes are lighter, the rubber sole emphasizes the grip performance, and the skateboard can be grasped better.

 Eight, hiking shoes

When hiking in the wild, you often walk on sand and walk on uneven ground, and sometimes you have to walk through the mountains. Hikers with heavy shoulders are prone to sprains and slips. Therefore, hiking shoes are mostly in the middle, and the soles are flawed, emphasizing the grip performance.

Nine, hiking shoes

Because of the harsh environment and cold and windy climate, these shoes are generally heavy, very strong, extremely tough, and require very good warmth. If the snow mountain is on, the professional high-altitude hiking boots are generally double-layered, the outer boots are made of plastic, and the inner boots are warm and breathable materials, which can withstand the cold of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Full hard-soled shoes that work with card-shaped crampons or snowboards.

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