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Athletic shoes development in the early 20th century
- Jan 02, 2018 -

During the 15 years of 1895-1910, the design, production and sale of sports-related competition shoes emerged. Mainly with a shoe nails C, middle distance running shoes, high jumpers, C, track and track shoes and so on. and other sports shoes are gradually becoming more specialized.

1900, amateur runner-Joseph William Foster his workshop into a shoe factory, designed the contestants ' favorite variety of running shoes with nails, and later became the predecessor of the sneaker industry upbraid.

Starting in 1908, the famous American sports shoe manufacturer, the company, first pioneered the sport of sports shoes and related equipment for a well-known U.S. marathon runner, and dispatched trainers to oversee the team. The following year the company unveiled running shoes with lightweight design to make sneakers more portable.

In 1911, the company launched the bottom part of the use of rubber short running shoes, and the introduction of the internal and external dual-chamber structure design, the central gas chamber pressure as a result of a small shock absorber role, the surrounding gas chamber is due to high pressure and play a supporting stability.

In the 1915, the company began to produce the soles of the sprint, middle-distance running shoes, high jumpers, javelin shoes and so on. On the last of the sports shoes improved, the first part of the shoe is rounded, the physical arrangement is looser than ever, the combination of uppers and soles is no longer hand-sewn.

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